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Product Warranty

For warranty and nonwarranty repair of your product, please first talk to the retailer where you purchased the product as they will be your quickest and best source of information and assistance. If they are unable to assist you, or refer you to us to handle the particular problem you are having, then please read the following:

1. KINGMAX only provide warranty service to products bought from our authorized distributors or dealers.

2. If your item appears to have a fault, please do not try to repair it, because we cannot accept the item to be faulty if it has been repaired.

3. KINGMAX warrants its products to be free from defects at the date of purchase. Repair fee will be charged under the situations that extra components assembled by customers themselves or parts damaged by misuse or modification or abuse.

4. In case that KINGMAX has no control over the final assembly, no liability shall be assumed nor accepted for any damage resulting from use or misuse by KINGMAX, it is who finishes the final assembled products accepting all resulting liability.

5. KINGMAX will be only responsible for the original defective ones upon shipping to your location. Any defective products will be resulted in an exchange via your claims during five business days after you received at once. An invoice may be requested at a low value from you for any exchange claim. Tracking number is needed as well.

6. All KINGMAX products except Section 3 and Section 4 will be warranted within 60 days. All returns require an email notification in advance. No returns will be accepted without our confirmation and will be shipped back to the sender.

7. If the product has been repaired or reworked by unauthorized person, then the warranty will be void without exception.

8. All defective items must be processed through the manufacturer or the distributor. All returning items must be in new and complete condition. They must have original packing material, manuals and accessories.

(KINGMAX reserves the right to make any change or to modify this warranty without notice in advance.)

Service Request

1. Did you buy our products from our authorized distributors or dealers?

2. If so, please contact the distributor or dealers first. They are supported by us to provide you with the perfect after-sales service. If not, you have to pay for the service from us or our distributors. We suggest you contact local distributors. If you want service from us, please pay attention to the non-warranty procedure.

3. Any service requested by clients, please contact KINGMAX via email before any product shipped back. ( Email:

4. Upon approval from KINGMAX, please send the product back with a paper containing problem feedback and the copy of purchasing receipt which will not exceed 90 days warranty period.

5. After receiving the original packages from clients, KINGMAX after-sales department will check the copy of receipt first. The returned product without a copy of receipt or out of warranty will be judged as a pending status product. An exception for the receipt requirement will be accepted only under the prior permission by KINGMAX.

4. If the receipt is OK, KINGMAX technical department will test the returned products and get them repaired. After then, we will provide tracking number via email.